Our Founder

Our Founder Mr. Mauricio Cardenas is a Sr Executive with over 30 years experience working for Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Quaker Oats and Gatorade, MolsonCoors and Dr Pepper Snapple group.   

Mr. Cardenas is known for his sharp strategic vision, broad business acumen, brand building capabilities, commercial knowledge as well as for his problem-solving skills.   

Throughout his career, Mr. Cardenas has managed Startup operations  up to US$700 million business both in the US as well as in Latin America, Europe, Russia, South East Asia and Australia.

Mr. Cardenas has extensive experience, launching new products, developing winning commercial strategies as well as scouting and evaluating medium to large companies for M&A.  

Our founder's passion is to help CEOs turn around their businesses and help them create actionable solutions that work!

Mr Mauricio Cardenas has dual citizenship US/Mexico and holds a BS in Industrial Engineering. He has lived in many geographies and speaks English, Spanish and French that allows him to deeply understand different cultures and the way of doing business both in the USA and internationally. 

At present, he resides in Miami, Florida.